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Bonobo TV Ltd is a Not for Profit Organisation

Why Bonobo? The Bonobo, part of the ape family, is a playful group animal that survives by living in peace, harmony and creative co-operation.

When two groups of Bonobos meet, the males cannot resist posturing in front of each other, driven on by the testosterone in their gonads. Very similar to the testosterone-driven global media.

The female Bonobos, however, ignore the gesturing males and go behind them, forming into a communal group where they groom each other and communicate. Eventually the males grow tired and join the females. Peace, harmony and creative co-operation become uppermost once more.

Perhaps the Bonobos can offer us a new model for global citizenship.

Why Bonobo.TV? Bonobo.TV is a not for profit organisation. Established in 2006, we are seeking to support

 • social, environmental and global change

 • positive action and inspiration (including the arts)

 • and planetary well being

Positive Thinking In our beautiful world, Bonobo.TV celebrates the light, not the dark. We believe in art as the natural medium to effect positive change in the way humankind perceives its place amongst those with whom we share the planet.

Platform for Creative Work Bonobo.TV provides an online presence for creative work which is positive, inspiring or prompting social and global change. We provide a platform for short films and other creative media by independent film-makers, artists, musicians, third sector organisations and many good causes.

Films may celebrate the joys of Nature, the beauty and peace she can bring, document the pioneering work by an organisation or question the behaviour of homo erectus and the way this affects the wellbeing of the planet.

In every such collaboration, our collective responsibility to the planet remains of paramount importance.

About Bonobo.TV Bonobo.TV specialises in projects that offer a sustainable future for our planet. As a result we take a creative, radical, approach.

The principal members working under the umbrella of Bonobo.TV have decades of experience in a wide variety of creative and scientific projects, as well as a strong network of contacts.

We are Geoff Francis, Paul Windridge, Dr Peter Finlay, Jason Watkins, Tony White and Jacky Francis.

Through us you can hire our talents, or access top-flight creative and practical help in almost any area you need. We also currently have a number of projects for which we are looking for funding, endorsement and joint ventures - do please enquire. 

Geoff Francis BSc is a Saatchi-shortlisted artist, award-winning photographer, writer, filmmaker, serial social entrepreneur and Creative Director of Bonobo TV. Geoff has a strong ethical and environmental grounding, plus a lifelong concern for animals - in the 80s he founded and ran Animaline for Linda McCartney,
Carla Lane and Rita Tushingham, and is currently a trustee of Journeys End animal sanctuary in Florida. 

Jacky Francis MA MSc UKCP MBACP is a Harley Street psychotherapist (under her professional name of Jacky Walker), writer, entrepreneur, business coach and mindfulness consultant, as well as Director and Business Manager for Bonobo TV. She has a long background in personal and social change, business systems and strategy, marketing, nurturing creativity and bringing ideas into being.

Dr Peter Finlay MSc PhD MIPI MBACP is a scientist and computer forensic expert who has, in conjunction with other companies, developed many products and designs from industrial robotics to car alarms, and currently specializes in covert detection and security as a Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators. Peter’s latest product is called 'Poacher Catcher' and is designed to protect remote sites. Peter is a Director of Bonobo TV and has worked with Geoff Francis for many years on a variety of projects led by their common interest in ethical living and care for animals.

Tony White is a British Academy Award-winning animation director, animator, author, educator and mentor. He studied advanced animation techniques with some of the finest masters of the art-form, successfully run his own award-winning animation studio in London, and is currently animation program director/instructor at AIE-Seattle and founder of "DRAWASSIC", a ground-breaking, internet-based animation studio - the mission of which is to preserve, teach and evolve the art-form of traditional animation in this digital age. Tony is director and lead animator of the groundbreaking 2D animated biographical tribute to Stan Matthews Thank You Stan plus the ‘illustrated drama’ based on the novel Spirit of the Game.

Paul Windridge is a video artist, experimental film and music maker whose work has been exhibited at the New York, Paris and Berlin Film Festivals, as well as at Tate Britain and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Paul seeks to explore what we perceive to be reality then presents it as something completely different. Paul creates new types of narrative where interpretation is not influenced by explanation, therefore it is left open to the viewer/listener's own imagination. In 2012 Paul originated, designed and curated
Visioneca - a Festival of Experimental Film held in the Isle of Wight, which demonstrated the extraordinary diversity and innovation in moving image development by 45 artists and film makers from 15 different countries.

Jason Watkins MSc has many years’ experience in image manipulation, graphics and video. He has been
with Bonobo TV since its conception and has helped develop and co-ordinate some of the key features of the Bonobo TV experience